Sagittarius TarotScope FEBRUARY 2021

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Sagittarius FEBRUARY 2021 Monthly TarotScope and Astrology Horoscope

Dear Sagittarius,

ou could have a real creative streak this month, or practical goals you can be proud of. But it’s wise that you don’t get so consumed by materialistic endeavors that you find yourself a bit imbalanced. This is especially applicable if you’re spending overly generously on the things you want. Your ego may get the best of you if you’re trying to impress someone else that you should be careful that aren’t going overboard with trying to get so much accomplished that other things get ignored. Some people are workaholics, and you just be one this month. If there is too much on your plate you could feel overwhelmed by the pressure. Making things more fun can save you from burning out.  

Your February 2021 Horoscope Sagittarius: Talk about money and the future is sure to be a significant topic for you this month. Though gambling could be tempting and you may want to win big, a better bet is to come up with a vision that fixes money issues. It is especially the mistakes and issues from the past you have had with money that can inform you to take a different route. Research can give you some big ideas. Later in the month after Mercury is finished Retrograde, you are likely to have your best ideas. If you’ve been wanting to have a conversation with a significant other, the end of the month can give you a great opportunity to discuss the destiny you want to create together.

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