Scorpio November 2020 TarotScope

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Scorpio NOVEMBER 2020 Monthly TarotScope and Astrology Horoscope

Dear Scorpio,

The world is what it is, and you are a part of the grand scheme of things. This is a good time for you to think more about the world that you are creating. You can liberate yourself with new ideas and new goals that can change your world. Treasure yourself and your talents. Use your abilities to make the world change and transform into what you think and imagine is possible. It doesn’t have to be the entire world that you change, but a change to your own experience of the world. Value the good qualities and abilities that have been granted to you. They are gifts. Use them to create meaningful change.  

You’ve already been through Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in October. Now Mercury enters your sign again in Direct motion on November 10, 2020. By now you should have a new, different perspective of yourself. You still have a chance to correct mistakes that may have been made last month. Thinking more about the identity you are creating is in focus. 

Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn on November 12, 2020 at 4:38 pm ET. You could have a major revelation about how people’s beliefs have the power to transform the world. Interactions with neighbors, siblings, cousins and random acquaintances and strangers could change what you believe.  

Mars stations Direct in Aries on November 13, 2020 at 7:36 pm ET. You may have to deal with people that are defensive or act as victims as the month begins. You are likely to notice a shift in attitude with people you have relationships with, especially romantic relationships as the month progresses. People that are assertive, bold and confident in their identity are more attractive to you as we head into the second half of the month. Those that are strong and exemplify leadership qualities grab your attention. 

November 15, 2020 – New Moon in Scorpio – 12:09 am ET. By now you are likely to be setting on a new way of seeing yourself. Your identity is set to change. Now you can plant metaphorical seeds that will grow into a new you. People could turn to you for clues of what changes are needed now. 

Venus enters Scorpio on November 21, 2020 indicating expressing self worth is valuable now. Feeling more in tune with your body through self care is recommended. This is a great time for a makeover that makes you feel more confident, beautiful, attractive and sexy. 
The Sun leaves your sign on November 21, 2020. This month is a great time for self examination and living true to yourself. As we get closer to the end of the month, it will be time for you to consider the bigger picture of your life, especially your financial picture and what you are building toward manifesting. Tune into new aims and goals that intend greater prosperity.

Thank You For Being A Friend

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