Scorpio TarotScope FEBRUARY 2021

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Scorpio FEBRUARY 2021 Monthly TarotScope and Astrology Horoscope

Dear Scorpio,

This is the time for you to use your awareness of what makes you feel good to make your next decisions. Of course there are a lot of options in life. Every little decision can lead you on a totally different path. You want the best results, so do choose carefully before you make that executive decision. If you keep your focus on success and ambitions you’re going to make it happen. If you’re in business and have to decide on what you’re going to offer or provide, think about the emotional experience it provides. If you’re looking for love, the mature, generous, stable type is your best bet now.

Your February 2021 Horoscope Scorpio: Differences in opinion in your relationships, family and romantic interests are indicated this month. In many cases, acknowledging that nobody has the whole story, even when they stubbornly insist they are correct, can help calm tensions. However, sometimes people just aren’t willing to listen or learn new information to try to set the record straight, especially when Mercury is Retrograde. The ego can get the best of people, and sometimes it’s better to just step away or keep opinions to yourself to avoid risking meltdowns. It may not be easy, and challenges in relationships can weigh heavy on your heart. As we get closer to the end of the month stressful communications can lead to big changes in your relationships. So, do your best to navigate thoughts and words this month to help minimize issues and alleviate tension whenever possible. A compassionate stance can help save you a lot of grief as we finish the month. 

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