Scorpio TarotScope

December 2019 Scorpio TarotScope

Dear Scorpio, you have a lot of power this month with Mars in your sign. It’s a great time for you to be empowered and strengthened in your identity. Take charge and get activated.

Your mind will be especially strong with Mercury direct in Scorpio as the month begins as well, and you could feel like what you think and say matters most. 

This could pose problems though, if your ego is too dominating you just might create some difficulties in your relationships. 

A better use of your powerful energy is to direct it toward great, new goals. You will have much fiery energy with you this month which can be used to great advantage. 

New ideas are likely to come to you through conversations that intrigue you to take action. Unexpected messages coming to you, or ideas you overhear can light your fire prompting an ambitious, passionate zeal which can make your life feel empowered and even magical in your mindset. 

Whether your interest is in a new hobby or a new business venture, you have the smarts to take yourself into a new experience. Positive change is indicated for you.

Venus in Capricorn meets Pluto (your ruling planet) on December 13th. This can indicate a transformation of a relationship and love interest. Excess sexual energy could cause issues in established relationships especially if your or your love interest succumbs to passions that lead to infidelity. If you are single, you could find yourself getting drawn into a passionate new love affair. 



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