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Taurus September 2020 Monthly TarotScope and Astrology Horoscope

Dear Taurus Friend,

If you are in disagreement or challenge with someone that is projecting their negativity in your direction, you may need to defend yourself, or, you can step away to have your privacy and sacred space. Turning toward a more sacred, feminine, creative perspective of reality with love, warmth and appreciation will take you away from negativity and put you in a positive mind frame of abundance and goodness.

Ruled by Venus, Taureans desire a strong connection to what the material world has to offer. Be aware of the things that you get attached to and how they make you feel. Taureans want to have and to own things and can get highly attached to what they have. But as often attributed to Buddha’s wisdom, “the cause of suffering is desire.” Wanting material gain indicates there can be fierce competition and battles to acquire, protect and defend that which is desired from those that are envious and wish to take it for themselves. But, there’s a difference between appreciating what you’ve got and letting it consume you. Getting too caught up in the material world can bog you down and make you feel trapped, lonely and out of touch with others. With Venus loving the pleasures of the material world, excess temptations are a common battleground. If you have an addiction, which could be power, money, drugs, alcohol, sex, food, tv, a negative mindset or anything at all really, this month you may need to face the struggle so you can break the chains and bring yourself to a place of peace and harmony within yourself. If you’ve overcome temptations or attachments, you could be a great teacher to others in leading by example.

Venus enters Leo September 6, 2020 3:21 am ET. Although Venus loves glitz and glamour in Leo, this month it would be wise that you don’t get overly tempted by the desires of your ego. Venus in your sector of home indicates the importance of valuing family and those close will bring a more positive experience for you. Taking care of your body and your home, perhaps with a new outfit or some new decor could give you a sense of comfort that would suit you well now. 

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