Taurus TarotScope FEBRUARY 2021

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Taurus FEBRUARY 2021 Monthly TarotScope and Astrology Horoscope

Dear Taurus,

It’s easy to get into arguments when opposing views don’t jive, especially with Mercury Retrograde for most of the month. Something you didn’t know could actually turn your perspective on its head. But do be cautious as Mercury Retrograde can lead to a lot of misinformation and confusion. Still, keeping an open mind so you can see a lot of different perspectives, including those you may not like, will teach you a lot. If you like to research, a dose of skepticism will help you see more than meets the eye. You could end up having a lot of questions answered and discover some harsh truths in the process. In any case, you’ll end up being much wiser by the end of the month.

Your February 2021 Horoscope Taurus: Financial and career responsibility for your future is priority as the month begins. Thinking outside the box and against the grain can make you a rebel with a cause. If you’re unclear on what you are aiming for, mid month is a good time to focus on expanding your vision. You could get good news and smart insights, so stay open to possibilities and ideas others have to offer, especially about money matters mid month. The end of the month has you seeing others with a more compassionate heart.   

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