Virgo TarotScope

January 2020 Virgo TarotScope

Dear Virgo, Welcome to 2020!

This month you could have a lot of questions about the truth of reality and feel a bit more rebellious about accepting things just because you ought to. You may not agree with traditional perspectives and feel the need to stand your own ground with what you think and believe. This could create some issues in your social life, having you realize that some of those you don’t see eye to eye with, may not be who you want around so much anymore. It is a new year and a new decade, so you may find you want to have more control over how you live your own life, rather than accepting how others tell you to live according to their rules and standards. Alternatively, if you are stuck in a perspective and it is creating issues in your social life, you may need to release your grip and be willing to make some personal changes. 

Mercury, your ruling planet, is active in Capricorn for the first half of January before entering Aquarius.  

Mercury meeting with Jupiter in Capricorn on January 2nd suggests you to socialize with smarter, older and wiser people. Though gossip and small talk on world events could open your mind, be cautious about revealing too much about political perspectives so you don’t create awkward situations. Beliefs can be fickle and change according to the information you are exposed to or not. A better focus is on learning about business goals and discussing your aims with those that are knowledgeable. Role models are great inspiration for you now. Look to those that are experienced. Teachers are great associates and guides now. If you are an elder or experienced, you are likely to find that teaching and sharing your wisdom with the younger generation is a lot of fun. 

When the Sun meets Mercury in Capricorn on January 10th you are encouraged to have positive conversations with friends. You could have a meeting of the minds with someone in a creative field, or you could find yourself wanting to connect with a romantic interest and perhaps go on a date. You could meet someone new that is on the same wavelength as you around this time. Being in the company of people that like to talk about topics that interest you is suggested now. This is a good time to have conversations on business matters to attain new ideas. 

Mercury will connect with both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on January 12th. Changing your goals is likely to become a stronger priority for you now. As you recognize where you are lacking motivation or where obstacles have gotten in your way, you are encouraged to take more responsibility to create changes in your approach and efforts. You may find value in considering changing some of the people you socialize with so that you can avoid distractions and lean closer to spending more time on the goals you really want to achieve. People that work hard on creating wealth are likely role models for you to learn from now.  

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 16, 2020 at 1:30 pm ET. New ideas about money and business matters are highlighted as you enter the second half of January. Innovative ideas about managing your time so you can operate efficiently is recommended. A hopeful, positive attitude about the future should be reflected in your daily routines and lifestyle. Learning about health for optimal wellness is in your best interest now.



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