Virgo TarotScope

JULY 2020 Virgo TarotScope

Dear Virgo,

You may need to resort to discipline and order but the rebelliousness may continue to be strong. Sometimes people just want to do what they want to do on their own terms and they’ll keep going for it just to defy the rules. A new approach may be your best bet to create positive change. Rewards instead of punishment could be just the right ticket. If you start to focus on the positive lessons the situation brings and change your perspective to what good can come from all this, you are likely to start seeing the real underlying reason for what’s going on. A focus on more structured, productive responsibilities will take excess energy and put it to good use. Karma comes full circle this month and reminds you that what goes around comes around. 

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This Monthly TarotScope answers “What is the best advice for my Virgo Readers This Month?” If you have your own question you can Get a New TarotScope for Yourself with the New Tip Jar Tarot.

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Also Read Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign for a fuller picture.

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