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Vacation Notice

Hi Everyone! I’m on vacation for the rest of 2019. Any orders placed for Readings will be provided in January 2020. Wishing you a great end to 2019 and Good Vibes to start your 2020!

Your Personal TarotScope – 10 Cards

This is the most popular reading for those new to Symbolic Living and those wanting quick insights answering your question. Whether it is love, money, career, lifestyle, relationships or general advice for your well being, I reveal a message using 10 Tarot Cards relevant to you based on your question. This is a concise reading that gets to the point with clarity and practical insights.


Your Planetary Astrology Report – 3 Months

I will look how current and upcoming planetary trends in astrology relate to your Natal Chart for the next 3 months ahead focusing on the most significant aspects for you. You can also Ask A Question to get more specific about an area of your life.


Your TarotScope Or Astrology Report Will Be delivered To You By Email.

Once you place your order please fill in the submission form to enter your details and question.