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The NEW Daily Astrology – September 4, 2021

Truth and justice are key this week, and today will give us more examples of how biases and the restriction of information is controlling people’s thought processes. Authority figures are pushing hard to have a firm grip on the future, but people asking questions and seeking the real truth will see through the facade. The solution to excessive, heavy handed authority is sharing information to increase awareness. Knowledge can change our path toward the future. Overcoming biases is necessary to wake people up to the whole truth. Legal matters addressing big tech, political censorship and social restrictions come into focus this week.

And because we are talking about Saturn in Aquarius, which is largely about mind-control and social controls, we need to get serious about how peer pressure is being used to push everyone’s minds into a cult mentality where everyone is pressured to follow along according to dictates of authority figures or else be ostracized and compartmentalized – which of course only gives authority exponentially more power over people’s lives. People need to be reminded that yes, it is true, absolute power, corrupts absolutely. Real truth and justice is the solution that wakes people up.

The Passport scheme is a stepping stone of coercion into the implementation of a global social credit score system.

Especially notable for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Mercury in Libra connects with Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius September 4, 2021 9:31 pm ET.

The NEW Daily Astrology – September 3, 2021

This is a key week for awareness and today signifies the power of words. Seeking truth and justice is absolutely essential for a positive future. Questions can reveal a lot, and dishonesty will be revealed through people’s biases. Prioritizing love opens the mind to truth. Pay attention to key messages that stand out to you now, as they can give you clues about the direction of our future in the larger picture. The power of individual choices can make a huge difference in our path forward. Especially notable for Taurus, Geminis, Virgos and Libras.

Mercury in Libra connects with the Destiny Point in Gemini September 3, 2021 9:17 am ET.

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The NEW Daily Astrology – September 2, 2021

Stress and tension can lead to zapped energy and discontent for a moody day. If you’ve got work to do on a schedule, things may not turn out as planned and you may need to put in extra effort to stay focused on tasks at hand now.

We could see secrets come out in the open now about hidden intentions of forceful actions pushed in the health care sector, especially by leaders in the industry or professionals like doctors and nurses. Untruths, deceptive practices or a lack of transparency can be extra annoying today. A lack of clarity, or even intentional deception that impacts people’s everyday lives and well being, especially in forceful and destructive ways, can really get people hot under the collar now leading to heated exchanges. We could see a lot more people becoming defensive about their health, especially when they feel there is a lack of transparency and truth in the larger agenda. Protesting, speaking up and standing up against hidden forces that are influencing people’s daily lives could increase now. Virgo likes accountability, and Mars here really doesn’t like it when someone fudges the numbers.

Here’s a great question to think about today relevant to Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces: Do you have more faith in your God given immune system that has developed over thousands of years in relation to nature, or do you have more faith in an experiment made in a lab over a few months for an artificially synthesized immunity?

Mars in Virgo is opposite Neptune Retrograde in Pisces September 2, 2021 1:42 pm ET.


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