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Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 19, 2021 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 19, 2021 at 4:02 am ET. The shadow on the Full Moon will start around 1 am ET.

With the Sun in Scorpio across the sky from the Full Moon in Taurus we’ll have the earth’s shadow between them creating a partial Lunar Eclipse. This lunar eclipse is said to be the longest in 100 years lasting up to 3 hours!

Full Moon’s can be emotionally charged and eclipses can indicate a significant turning point of change.

Lunar eclipses were long though to be negative omens, but there is always another way of looking at things. The Sun in Scorpio reminds us that shedding old skin can bring us into the light of a different, changed awareness.

If you’re the type of person that is interested in natural health, this would be a good time to focus on tapping into the earth element by using herbs, incense, natural stones and treatments like massage therapy or grounding practices that get you in touch with your body like yoga.

Hidden secrets could be revealed around the time of this Full Moon eclipse, and it can have a lot to do with biotechnology especially considering scientific and experimental Uranus is in Taurus now too.

A lot of hidden unknowns could be revealed with this Lunar Eclipse in Taurus giving people a whole new perspective on the material world, from the inner level of bodies to the outer level of the environment, to finances.

Here’s something that just came up in the news today that aligns with secrets associated to this Full Moon Eclipse… the FDA in response to a Freedom of Information Act request on data of the Vs, has responded by asking a judge to allow the information on the Vs to not be released until 2076 – that’s in 55 years! To reveal, questions are necessary. Why would they be attempting to keep that important information secret for decades instead of revealing it all to the public now?

Uranus represents freedom, and also science and technology which is associated to freedom as the freedom of exploration beyond limits. But sometimes freedom of exploration can go too far, where it can cause harm – such as in harmful experiments.

Whereas the freedom of scientific experimentation seems to be limitless to the point of lawlessness these days, on the flip-side with Saturn in Aquarius the restrictions and limitations on social freedom is excessively heavy.

Venus is in fellow earth sign Capricorn along with Pluto now which strengthens the focus on money matters associated with Taurus. The Sun in Scorpio is also associated to money matters. All together this indicates that Plutocratic power via wealth and the banking industry is strongly tied into the times. We are seeing inflation, lost jobs and food supplies becoming a growing issue. This Full Moon Eclipse could give people a wake up call with revelations about how all these things are manifesting through the decisions of political and financial power players.

Of course with Pluto in Capricorn now it is the destructive forces of power in society, in the political and financial realms that are in focus.

Venus as the ruler of Taurus also reminds us to value our bodies. Your body is your temple.

The Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse reminds us that what is most important to create big changes is to get clear about what we really want to manifest in the world. Is the direction we are being lead toward really what we want? Is it based in truth or is it lies and deception (Scorpio)? Is what is being done in the physical world and what the big players in society are working toward developing really in our best interests? Is the direction technology and biology heading toward what we want?

We also have Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in Scorpio now. Remember the scorpion injects poison, as does the snake – two symbols associated with Scorpio.

With the Sun in Scorpio lighting up this Full Moon Eclipse, it’s also worth considering just how powerful big lies and deception can be in manifesting the reality humanity experiences, especially indicated by great media influence associated to the rich and powerful in positions of authority with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus.

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NEW Daily Astrology October 20, 2021 Full Moon in Aries

Today we have the Full Moon in Aries at 11:00 am ET.

This Full Moon is opposite the Sun and Mars in Libra indicating an extra potent, energetic, and potentially aggressive Full Moon.

Full Moon’s always represent a heightened awareness of emotions and how we feel about our lives and what’s going on in the world. The Full Moon in Aries symbolizes a time where a new awareness of your identity is revealed.

There is great potential for personal breakthroughs, realizations and revelations about yourself with a Full Moon in Aries.

With the Sun in Libra it is our relationships to other people that can shine a light on who we know ourselves to be. Others act as a mirror, where you see who they are in relation to you, helps you to see yourself in a new light. An emotional exchange leading toward this Full Moon in Aries can be the catalyst to you awakening to see the real you. It is common that people will compare themselves to others as a measure of who they are.

Aries also represents self empowerment, leadership qualities and a desire to succeed. The Full Moon in Aries indicates an awareness of how far we’ve come to develop and define who we are in the image we choose for ourselves.

Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars the warrior. We could see strong reactions, attitudes and behavior as people are more inclined to assert their identity. A stronger will to defend and protect the identity, the self, the ego whenever it is bruised or attacked by the actions, attitudes, behavior or words of another is likely to be increased.

With Mars in a difficult position to Pluto in Capricorn, this time could mark strong reactions to political decisions by leaders that are causing major imbalances in people’s lives. A sudden, explosive, transformative type of energy is indicated with the Full Moon in Aries connecting with Mars, and Pluto is the higher octave of Mars energy.

Mars also represents survival instincts and in Libra as the scales of measure we reminded of not only our relationships but also the balances and imbalances of money in our lives and how that makes us feel empowered or disempowered. With the pressure from the political and financial realm now, people are making decisions by weighing the pros and cons according to their survival instincts. Money and freedom are the two major tools that are being used to influence people’s thoughts, decisions and actions now.

As we are all facing major decisions now that affect our lives in significant ways, emotions can feel extra intense in our relationships now.

Impatience and short tempers are also likely to be evident as we approach this Full Moon. Strong reactions are quite possible.

Exercise and athleticism is a positive way to tap into the energy of this day to find personal balance. With strong Mars energy now, virile, sexual energy is likely to be heightened for many.

Weekly Astrology Horoscope May 24 to 30, 2021. Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

The Big News this week is Mercury goes Retrograde in Gemini on May 29, 2021

The other big news is that it’s Officially the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 26, 2021 at 7:17 am ET. This Full Moon in Sagittarius stands across the sky from the Sun in Gemini and will be a Total Lunar Eclipse visible mainly over the Pacific Ocean best seen in Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii and is known as a Super Flower Blood Moon. We can expect a lot of gossip and opinions to be in focus during this period. What people think and believe about the world could be challenging during this period leading to strong reactions. Especially where there is deception and a lack of facts to back up information we could see challenges arise now. Add to this we have Mercury stationing Retrograde this week. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, and Jupiter is in Pisces now.

Venus in Gemini is in a difficult position to Neptune in Pisces on May 27, 2021 at 3:24 pm ET. This indicates some buttons may be pushed that require a loving and compassionate response. It can be difficult especially if people don’t feel heard. Emotional and mental games that people sometimes play can challenge relationships, but act as a catalyst to change and be more respectful. If you don’t feel valued or if you feel dismissed or overlooked while others are wandering off in their own lala land, a sense of loneliness can pull at your heart strings to want something more real and closer to the heart.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini May 29 to June 22, 2021

Mercury will meet with Venus in Gemini on May 29, 2021 at 1:11 am ET just a few hours before Mercury goes Retrograde. The connection of Mercury and Venus is a good reminder that love in our communications with others is necessary. Since Mercury will be going Retrograde later in the day, this indicates that our relationships will be on our minds now and issues in relationships could be an important part of what we will need to deal with resolving for the next few weeks. Mercury and Venus connecting can also bring attention to finances and the stock market, jobs and income. Money matters could be one of the more significant topics of attention while Mercury is Retrograde.

Mercury stations Retrograde in Gemini on May 29, 2021 at 6:35 pm ET. Communications are up in the air while Mercury is Retrograde in Gemini. Sometimes people will find that Mercury Retrograde is a time to step back and be more of a listener and observer while avoiding small talk and communicating in general as a way to minimize relationship issues. On the other hand, for some circumstances seem to line up that has people get back in touch with those they haven’t communicated with in a while. Rethinking the past can bring up unexpected memories long forgotten. To get the mind away from today’s issues, many will turn to retro-vintage TV to step back into eras from the past.

With Mercury Retrograde for the next few weeks, we can expect some exchanges that lead to changes. We can expect to see a lot of issues, errors, mistakes, retractions, backtracking on decisions and changing points of view come about regarding communications and information exchanges during this period. We could see much talk of recalls, revotes and replacements.

Superficial information, false facts, gossip, misinformation, misleading information, deception, lies and mind-games are all highlighted. We could also see word-games and changes in definitions. Intentional deception and manipulation of numbers and false statistics based on biases and hidden information could get more attention during this period. We could see big lies come out during this time. Cyber hacking and nefarious activities surrounding information exchanges and data collection could be pivotal news during this period.

This is an especially notable Mercury Retrograde as Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and we also have the Destiny Point in Gemini – communications and socializing have been in significant focus and will be for the rest of the year. This also highlights the issues we’ve had with freedom of communications, with rules and restrictions by social networks and Big Tech with Saturn Retrograde in fellow air sign Aquarius. We may hear of more drone surveillance during this period.

We can expect to see a lot of gossip, hypocrisy, double-talk and double standards during this period. As Mercury is the trickster, we could see evidence of those playing mind-games. With mixed messages coming out now, people’s heads could spin. With so much deception and misinformation, this is a really good time to do research to look into things further to find the truth. Instead of being swayed by superficial headlines, distractions and sensational talking points, do research like sleuth looking behind the scenes. As information can be confusing, it’s a good time to look at a lot of different angles.

Mercury will be Retrograde in Gemini until June 22, 2021 at 6:01 pm ET.

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Mars in Cancer connects with Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces on May 31, 2021 at 1:15 am ET. Getting active by playing sports by the beach or in the water is suggested. A picnic by the waves with active energy of family members or those close can do you good. For those with family issues, especially those based on aggression, anger, emotional tension and misunderstandings, this could be a significant time of recognizing the karma of your battles. A more compassionate approach can be the remedy for an agitated ego.

Sun conjunct Destiny Point in Gemini on May 31, 2021 at 8:11 pm ET. This is a great time for a revelation and realization. Whatever your most brilliant and inspired ideas are now are worth noting and expanding upon. With Mercury Retrograde in Gemini now as well, the Sun meeting the Destiny Point can signify a key moment of awareness. Asking a lot of questions, especially when something doesn’t add up or make sense, can bring powerful and potent realizations now.

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