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Weekly Astrology Horoscope July 26 to August 1, 2021

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This week starts off with Mercury entering Leo on July 27, 2021 9:11 pm ET. Here we will see a spotlight on words, ideas and information expressed, especially related to the egos of celebrities, and those in higher positions in society like leaders, kings and queens. Expect dramatic talks, lots of expression, theatrics and spectacle in communications, information exchanges and messages.

Big Move – Jupiter Retrograde enters Aquarius July 28, 2021 8:41 am ET. This could be a big wave, a big shift as Jupiter leaves his short stint in Pisces since May 13th. Lots of big floods around the world lately, just as suspected with Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces. With Jupiter entering back into the social and tech sector it will be very interesting to see what kind of Big News comes out during this period. We could see major backtracking on information that has lead to false beliefs in the collective consciousness. Worldviews are set to change. Big attention on social media, social influencers are likely as well as attention on group-think, corporate media influence, organizations and foundations that push for social change and social engineering practices. Peer pressure is likely to be on blast. Jupiter will be Retrograde in Aquarius until October 18, 2021.

Venus in Virgo is in a difficult aspect to the Destiny Point in air sign Gemini on July 29, 2021 at 7:39 am ET. This indicates health related matters, information and messaging in the news can be especially challenging. As mentioned with Jupiter Retrograde in air sign Aquarius we can expect a lot of peer pressure. Body autonomy can be a big topic now with Venus in Virgo. We could also hear of difficulty with work and financial related matters.

Just when Jupiter Retrograde is fresh back in Aquarius, Mars in Leo is opposite Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius on July 29, 2021 11:49 am ET. This points to some big, loud news. We could see big battles heating up with leaders, whether they are political, tech oriented or religious, it all fits together in the grand scheme of things when it comes to global leaders. Egos are likely to dominate as shakeups in the tech sector are indicated. Very dramatic, over the top and aggressive behavior is likely as we finish the month that can have a large impact on the collective consciousness. Aggressive, dramatic censorship tactics and strategies can get a lot of attention.

Mars enters Virgo July 29, 2021 4:32 pm ET which can bring the battleground to health matters and people’s jobs. Aggressive, defensive demonstrations about personal health and well being are indicated. We could also see indications of a rise in food prices.

*With Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius bringing emphasis to ruling planet Uranus in earth sign Taurus, along with Mars in fellow earth sign Virgo, this indicates potential for violent shake up in the earth that are sudden and surprising like earthquakes and volcanoes.

Sun in Leo connects with the Destiny Point in Gemini July 31, 2021 at 5:37 pm ET reminding us that it is the truth that we need to bring light into our future. Truths stated now, perhaps by famous people, can have a dramatic impact on our way forward.

Mercury in Leo also connects with the Destiny Point in Gemini August 1, 2021 at 2:35 am ET and then Mercury and the Sun conjunct in Leo on August 1, 2021 at 10:07 am ET. Topics discussed this week will be highly expressive and we could see leaders make bold moves. This is an important time to express yourself to be a part of the destiny we are creating. As well, creative types may find their voice this week.

Mercury opposite Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius on August 1, 2021 at 5:49 pm ET indicates that challenging leadership and those in positions of authority – likely in dramatic ways – can have a big impact. Leaders could be putting pressure on what children can and cannot do, and restrictions on entertainments can get a lot of talk. We can expect to hear a lot about the blocking of information and censorship by authority and the social tech industry and it’s influences on the collective. We could hear talk of “running out of time.”

Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius July 28, 2021. Big Waves, Changes, Information, Technology…

Jupiter Retrograde exits Pisces to enter back into Aquarius on July 28, 2021 at 8:41 am ET and will go direct in Aquarius on October 18, 2021. Jupiter will finish in Aquarius on December 28, 2021.

Jupiter is linking the symbolism of these signs. This can indicate a big wave of change in awareness heading toward our collective consciousness. We can expect a lot of reversals and bringing a lot of attention to issues with what people believe about the world and where humanity is heading as a collective group.

With Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius we can expect huge waves of information that flood the collective consciousness – consider how we have stories of massive floods changing the consciousness of the world.

We can expect a huge amount of revelations during this period and right into 2022 can be symbolized by a dam of closely-held secrets breaking. A huge cloud of deception over the whole world can not fool independent thinkers from waking up from the dream and seeing through the illusions. And with Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces before this transition back into Aquarius, we just might see literal massive flooding in the world.

Big tech, media and social media are in huge focus with Jupiter in Aquarius along with a lot more emphasis on political-corporate-tech-media ties with Saturn in Aquarius now as well. How all these huge power structures in society manifest reality through the control of spreading and restricting selected information is in hyper-focus now.

Aquarius is an Air sign corresponding to the mind, thoughts, words and communications – especially through the use of electronic technologies like the internet and television. Aquarius is associated with social groups, friends, and peers and therefore peer pressure and cult mentality / hive mind are possible, and with Jupiter information can be accepted as fact, without question – like religious dogma. It is the hallmark of all cults that those that are in cults rarely ever realize or admit they are in one.

As Jupiter Retrograde enters Aquarius we will see a lot of focus on socio-political-tech world. People are likely to change their worldviews and vision of the future in recognizing how freedoms are being dismantled and that the world is going backwards in a big way.

The collective consciousness is going to go through a reversal and change as more people realize how peer pressure and information, especially engineeered through repetitive programming tactics in media and social media, are being used to manipulate people’s minds – of course Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius strongly signifies forced mind-control of the collective now.

We might even see internet and power outages that reach wide areas during this period and cybersecurity issues could become a big topic.

More examples of bots and algorithms on social media all repeating the same narrative to control the perceptions of the public are indicated during this period. Of course, repetition is used in mind-control to affirm and strengthen those pathways in the mind, which is why the media repeats itself, repeatedly to ingrain certain ideas / plant ideas into people’s minds on a subconscious level. It is well known that if a lie is repeated often enough, people will believe it is the truth.


Jupiter and Saturn both in Aquarius indicates we are seeing behind the scenes and getting glimpses of the how social-tech sector work as corporate powerhouses in association with government powers.

We are likely to see authority doubling down of restrictions and control measures over online, digital and electronic communications technology. Rules and restrictions by authority pushing for social control are emphasized, and information manipulated with fear creates a prison for the mind. People worldwide will start to become wiser to how social engineering is utilized to control society through the forceful formation of collectivist beliefs and ideologies demanded by those in power.

Remember that this transit of Jupiter from Pisces to Aquarius, and back into Pisces at the end of the year links the focus of these two signs during this period. Pisces indicates the subconscious, illusions and delusions which includes intentional deceptions, so we would all be wise to be more skeptical, especially when information doesn’t make sense, or is guided by suspicious motivations.

Jupiter in Aquarius indicates we are likely to see issues of justice, ethics, morals and truth revealed globally. Big lawsuits over Big Tech censorship are indicated.


Information is knowledge and knowledge is power, of course, which is obviously why those in positions of authority that are in the know have so much power. And as a means of holding onto that power they are therefore not transparent in letting the public know important information. Hiding and blocking information, and keeping secrets is very much associated with Pisces, and keeping secrets is of course a way of holding onto power. Wrongdoers never want to let the cat out of the bag of course.

As we see a battle among the powers of governments and the powers of giant tech corporations, the real battle is over information. Whoever has the most information and the most control over information is the most powerful. Which of course is why in times of war, the first thing to go is freedom of speech and censorship is implemented by authority figures that want to maintain their power – which is THE huge battle right now with Saturn in Aquarius. With Jupiter in Aquarius along with Saturn, we can see how collecting data on people is the intention of the establishment, including tracking and tracing everyone in a big brother system watching everything right down to the activity of our bodies and health connected to cryptocurrency – all patented and setting the stage for a roll-out.

With Jupiter in Aquarius it is global initiatives that are in focus while Saturn brings attention to control by authority. Put them together and we see the battle of socialism and capitalism where those at the top of the pyramid desire to control the world collectively as a global superpower from the top down.

The big push to attain such power is done largely in terms of controlling information. As Aquarius rules technology, we are already seeing moves toward a surveillance state where authority is seemingly drunk with power now with even private phone text messages are being watched. Jupiter in Aquarius along with Saturn in Aquarius can indicate a huge overreach of power, overconfidence by authority figures to flaunt their powers and egos. As the richest and most powerful people at the top of society vie for control it is wise to recognize how government and corporate powerhouses working together and merging their powers to control the collective can lead to a global dictatorship. Therefore, we’re at a crossroads where people are being forced to choose to either be a part of the system or not.

Since Aquarius likes freedom, we are likely to see a lot of rebellion escalate as the pressure to conform also escalates.

Jupiter in Aquarius indicates a strong focus on how beliefs form in the mindset of the collective. We could see strong examples of how control measures and brainwashing techniques that are used by cult leaders are being used to control the minds, beliefs and actions of the public according to the will and demands of those in power. We could see examples of how beliefs formed by the people according to the rules and information projected by world leaders is like religious dogma.

We are likely to see a lot more talk about worldwide technology innovations especially regarding electronic information exchange, internet and satellite technologies and networks reaching worldwide as we head into August and onward.

We could also see a lot more talk about travel, including ships and especially planes as they relate to technology including the restrictions imposed of passports. We could also see indications that passports are a precursor to a social credit system of control that are being implemented in a strategic way that herds people into the system. Promises of freedom through the use of reverse psychology are guaranteed, as it is the very taking away of freedom that is actually manifesting in the guise of freedom.

Scientific experimentation is also in focus with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius as we see more evidence that what is happening is a strategically structured global control experiment.

With Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius people likely won’t be as eager to sign up to college and university courses due to being so unsure of the future. And with Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius now too there is also fear about the future and the larger direction the goals of those in power are taking us.

There will be a lot more questions and second doubts by the collective about what exactly are the motivations and goals of those with the biggest decision making powers.

With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius with the worldwide sci-fi technology control network angle, and Uranus in Taurus signifying biotechnologies and biometrics it’s like what’s happening in the world is being implemented like a script. We are likely to hear more about space technology, aliens and UFOs in the news during this period as well. Big cybersecurity issues, even electric grids going down are also possible.

Uranus in Taurus also indicates a focus on science and technologies associated to the environment including GMO food and farming practices so we can expect to hear shifts and developments in this regard. Big earth shifts of course can be surprising and sudden with Uranus in Taurus like earthquakes and volcanoes.

Also remember, we are in a period of huge transformation of society and the political world according to the symbolism of Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn. Not only are we experiencing a major transformation of society but the very fundamental aspect of humanity is being transformed on a physical level. Not only is transgenderism a big topic these days, but also transhumanist technologies. Pluto is also highly destructive symbolically speaking, and with all the fiery destruction we’ve seen, the world in many ways is resembling Pluto (Hades). Along with Pluto in Capricorn, and with the bridge between Pisces and Aquarius, we could see more revelations about secret societies and occult religious groups.

We are truly in a revolutionary time and our choices matter a great deal to how the future unfolds.

Here you go… Fits right into the astrology! It certainly seem they use astrology for their playbook. They think they are gods with the right to manifest reality in this world at the expense of everyone else for their own self empowering benefit! It’s time for everyone to wake up.

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn May-September 2020

Jupiter is Retrograde in Capricorn from May 14, 2020 at 10:33 am ET to September 12, 2020 at 8:41 pm ET.

Read About Jupiter in Capricorn for 2020.

Jupiter going Retrograde brings us into a more reflective period, observing our past to learn from the lessons and the wisdom that has been gained through history, as history repeats itself.

The big question is, “What of our past has manifested into the world we live in today?”

In Capricorn, Jupiter brings more attention to the internal changes with business leaders, bosses, professionals, politicians, bankers, oligarchs, corporations, boards of directors, foundations, and powerful organizations in our world that have major influence in our lives, especially far reaching worldwide influence.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. We could also see large changes in the travel industry but largely we are to see huge cultural shifts and changing perspectives worldwide.

Of course, shifting perspectives on corporate media influence is especially in focus with Jupiter being largely about journalism, information and beliefs that reach around the world. How do our beliefs manifest in the material world and how do our thoughts and beliefs create self-fulfilling prophecies?

It is so important to consider how the information that is presented in the media can affect the consciousness of humanity leading to major shifts in the real world.

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn will be meeting Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn on June 30, 2020 at 1:46 am ET.

Around this time we can expect to see giant, major changes to power and influence in our world.

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn brings major emphasis to our experiences in the material world from the top echelons of society. It is likely that everyone will be reconsidering what they believe about the powerful influences authority figures and plutocrats have in our world. Who has too much power and influence in our lives globally? People will question if government and powers-that-be are overreaching to the point of destruction of our rights.

Jupiter is concerned with truth and justice, so we are likely to see some really significant changes to how the justice system operates, changes in laws, repeal of laws and rights, and shifting perspectives in how people view justice. Those in positions of power could be held accountable for decisions and required to take great responsibility for their karma.

With all that is going on now we see indications of conflict and tension between those at the top echelon’s of society in relation to the fundamental individual rights of our health and bodies.

Pluto is powerful and destructive as the higher octave of Mars the warrior, and with Jupiter bringing great emphasis we could see great emphasis on destructive forces in society. Jupiter also speaks to the wide variety of cultures in our world so we can see conflicts between groups. Capricorn represents the structure of our society from the top of the political world down, and with Jupiter here we see more emphasis on the power of establishing law and order.

Saturn Retrograde will be entering back into Capricorn on July 1, 2020 getting closer to Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn. Combine all this and we are seeing major changes and conflicts of restriction with Saturn and expansion with Jupiter, while Pluto sets out to crumble the foundations of society. This is one of the most pivotal times of great change and transformation in our world we could ever see!

With Jupiter in Capricorn, we are also likely to have major changing perspectives on celebrities and famous people during this period.

In your own life, this is the time to consider how you can regain your own personal power. These times could be significantly challenging for all of us as we deal with the pressure of great changes in the world. What leadership qualities do you need, to have more control over your own life? This can be a most potent time for you to learn ways to be more self-sustaining and restructure how you approach attaining your personal goals and aims. Long-term plans are likely to change significantly during this period and you could feel like your life is in a complete overhaul.