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*NEW Mercury in Taurus

Mercury enters Taurus on April 27, 2020 at 3:52 pm ET.

Mercury is quick and will only be in Taurus for a couple of weeks until May 11, 2020 at 5:57 pm ET.

Mercury thinks fast, but in Taurus, it’s time to slow it down a bit for most of us.

Of course getting in touch with the earth element and spending time in nature is advised. Walking barefoot in the grass and bathing in warm light of the sun can help slow you down and also help relieve a stressful mind. This is a great time to freshen up your green thumb and learn more about gardening, plants, flowers, and foods you can grow in your yard.

It’s a great time to bring your mind into your body with deep breathing, yoga, or going for a massage to bring calm to the mind. A relaxed start to your mornings, like enjoying slowly sipping a cup of tea while you leisurely observe life is recommended. A cappuccino first thing in the morning while watching the birds as the sun rises is one of my favorite morning routines.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, goddess of love, so this is a good time to think about romance. Speaking with the one you love, or reading romance novels is suggested. Venus is in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, so there is a natural affinity here now.

If you have an anxious mind and think too much these days, this is a good time for you to release some of that speedy mind chatter. Doing things on a slower pace like going for walks or lifting weights slowly to feel the experience of your body-mind connection rather than rushing to get through the count of repetitions can help train your mind to quiet down.

Learning is considered to be slower with Mercury in Taurus, so rather than flipping through your feed online to access loads of random information, you could try changing the pace by reading a real physical book made of paper to help slow you down and practice staying focused.

Taurus is a fixed sign and known for patience, so when your mind wanders, take in a few deep breaths, tune in to your body and the environment around you and chillax.

If you are the type that is often all over the place, and often unsure what you’re doing or thinking, or don’t know what you want, this can be a great time create a step by step plan to help you make up your mind.

Mercury in Taurus is great for getting down to doing the work that needs to get done, but you should also find time for leisure for a better work-life balance which can lead to much better productivity overall.

Taurus is the builder, so this would be a great time to learn more about how to construct, design or make something manifest in the real world. Artists and creators should find this time especially valuable for creativity.

If you’re looking to make a practical change in your life, perhaps stepping away from the rat race, this can be a great time to look into what it’s like to live off grid. Taurus likes security, and learning skills like building a home and creating a more self-sufficient lifestyle could be worth discovering. With Uranus in Taurus now, solar panels may be of interest. It could be smart to get a mini-solar powered charger for your phone, which can be helpful if there is a power outage.

Mercury rules commerce and Taurus is also geared toward finance, ownership and valuables. It’s a good time to think about and learn more about money matters, and your financial security. Wealth builders and investors can also find this to be a great time to put on your thinking cap. Thinking of new ways to build your income through different work options is worth considering now.

Mercury in Taurus can also inspire a more stubborn streak, so if you’ve got your mind set on something, this could be a great time to stay on course and keep yourself moving slowly but surely toward accomplishing productive goals. Slow and steady wins the race. This is also a good time to be disciplined enough that you are able to accomplish what needs to be done.

Some people could be extra stubborn in their views at this time, and may not budge on an opinion, so know when to stop pushing disagreements before they create problems.

This is also a great time to use your common sense. Rather than just accepting things you are told right away, this can be a good time to just take your time before deciding. When new ideas come your way, it is wise to take as much time as you need to make the right decision. It’s okay to be picky before any confirmation.

A more conventional, traditional or conservative mindset, especially regarding conservation of resources and finances is associated with Mercury in Taurus as well.

Taurus generally doesn’t like change, so if you are the type that never gets to things, you are a couch potato, or just in a rut, Mercury in Taurus can give you enough inspiration to make a change to get yourself moving a bit faster than usual to help you find more balance.

Whether you are writing comments online or writing a book, this can be a great time to be more cautious and deliberate with what you say.

This is a great time to stop and smell the flowers. Aromatherapy can do wonders for the mind, bring mental clarity and uplift your mood! The olfactory system is a direct route to your mind! Rosemary is one of the best for memory and many essential oils can help calm the mind and reduce stress levels.

Mercury in Taurus will be in square to Saturn in Aquarius on April 28, 2020 at 1:27 pm ET. Social distancing could strain relationships, and disagreements about financial security can cause issues. Stronger concerns about powerful, controlling influences by those that lead the direction of the tech sector could be voiced, especially regarding invasive bio-technologies.

Mercury will meet Uranus in Taurus on May 8, 2019 at 10:21 am ET. You could have a most brilliant idea that gives leads you toward financial knowledge that can liberate you from debt. This is a great time to move away from poverty consciousness towards a sense of financial freedom. Plan for your financial future.

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*NEW Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius March 4, 2020

During this Retrograde cycle, Mercury Retrograde in Pisces will also enter back into Aquarius for a couple of weeks between March 4 and March 16, 2020.

  • Mercury Retrograde enters back into Aquarius on March 4, 2020 at 6:14 am ET.
  • Mercury finishes Retrograde and stations Direct in Aquarius on March 9, 2019 at 11:49 pm ET.
  • Mercury Direct will enter Pisces again on March 16, 2020 at 3:39 am ET. 

The symbolism of Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius indicates a significant change of mind, which can influence the collective mindset of people around the world.

Information can change quickly, be fickle and highly debatable. Is the information real? People can have difficulty seeing the other side of an issue.

In entertainment, this would be a great time to watch vintage sci-fi films or read vintage sci-fi books. Ancient civiliazations with a futuristic, advanced technological society is of more interest and curiosity. Research into ancient origins of astrology can be fascinating.

We could see a lot of changing opinions and more questions about the objectives of media companies. Issues with social media are likely to be activated during this period. Trust issues are already seen to be increased since Mercury has been in Pisces during the previous couple of weeks. What is the truth?

Technological glitches are likely to increase of course. Deja vu is likely, sometimes you may feel like you’re living in the matrix. It won’t be surprising to see issues with computers and devices connected to the internet, wifi and cell towers. We could see social media sites have glitches, go offline or have trouble logging in during this period. We could see issues come up with tech companies in the news. We could also see more privacy issues come up. We may see another influx of account deletions on social media sites and channels on video sites. We could see a change of mind or different talks about how censorship and biases in the social tech sector affects collective consciousness and how to deal with it. We could also see changes in the tech business industry.

This is also not the time to sign contracts without thinking things through thoroughly and reading the fine print.

Socializing with friends could get a bit weird at this time as miscommunications are likely to be enhanced. Some people will choose to log off and disconnect from social media completely at this time, or choose to take a break and keep to themselves to avoid complicating their social life. It’s wise to not create controversy of opinion at this time as it could create wedges between yourself, friends and your social circle. We could also see people disconnecting from one another in person, and instead choosing to live in their own bubble. 

Those that are addicted to or obsessed with likes, stats and numbers relating to their social networking activity could have a change of perception about how important the numbers really are in the grand scheme of things.  

We could also see a focus on charitable organizations, humanitarian aid and Foundations. Misuse of finances could be an issue that comes to light and has people thinking twice about what organizations they support.

Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, is in Taurus, indicating that we are likely to be rethinking our options in financial security. Talk about the issues in the stock market and changes in the economy are likely to get more attention. Finances, computers, technology and virtual cryptocurrencies like bitcoin could be in focus.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus also has us questioning how advanced technology is used in relation to the physical world. Bio-technologies, genetics and information about health and the systems of the body are indicated now. Past discoveries in science, tech and biology looked at again could give us a different view of our future. Speech against or questions about the biological impacts of new 5G technology are also possible. Can our futuristic technology impact our health and our ecosystems, perhaps down to the level of our DNA? Information about artificial intelligence could be on topic. And with the Taurus connection, will we see earth changes like earthquakes or volcanoes get active or talked about again at now? Differences of opinion about environmental issues are also likely to be rethought. 

Since Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn, this also ties together the concepts of a social credit system and Big Brother system where authorities are heavily interested in using technology as a control mechanism. Interestingly, with the Coronavirus we can already see how advanced technology is moving us into a sci-fi future with drones tracking people (likely with facial recognition connected to the Chinese social credit system) and exerting control by telling people to go home and put on their masks. 

With Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and all else going on in astrology now, this coronavirus issue truly is impacting the collective consciousness of the world now. 

Once Mercury stations Direct in Aquarius on March 9, 2020 at 11:49 pm ET we should start to have a new perspective on reality and a different view of technology, financial security, health and our social lives. Read more about Mercury Direct in Aquarius here. 

*NEW Mercury Retrograde in Pisces February 16, 2020

Mercury Stations Retrograde in Pisces February 16, 2020 at 7:55 pm ET.

Mercury enters The Shadow phase on February 2, 2020 at 3:44 am ET which occurs in Aquarius before Mercury enters Pisces on February 3, 2020.

Mercury is Retrograde for 3 weeks, until March 9, 2020 at 11:49 pm ET and finishes in Pisces on April 11, 2020.

Of course, with Mercury Retrograde lots of mishaps, miscommunications, misconceptions and misunderstandings are heightened as usual. Computer glitches, lost emails, text messages, and the like could get jumbled. Make sure you are absolutely sure you want to send that message before you click that send button. If your intuition indicates you are unsure whether you should say or share information, it would be wise to wait and think about it longer before you do. Signing contracts without reading the fine print should also be avoided during this period. If you encounter any word combinations that are confusing or unclear, ask for clarity.

Expect your mind to play tricks on you while Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces. Perception of time can be off during this period so double check your schedule, appointments and any itinerary. At times, you could feel like you are living in a dream world or the Twilight Zone. Bizarre coincidences with strange timing, deja vu and similar mind-bending phenomenon just might have you questioning if you’re living in some kind weird Matrix.

We are all likely to change our minds about a lot of things during this period. While Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces we will experience a lot of dichotomies between our minds and emotions.

The main themes we are going to see with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces are:

  • logic vs. feelings
  • facts vs. fiction
  • truth vs. lies
  • reality vs. fantasy
  • common sense vs. nonsense
  • what’s real vs. what’s not real
  • endings and beginnings
  • philosophy, life and the afterlife

When Mercury is Direct in Pisces it indicates our minds leaning towards intuition, higher consciousness, beliefs, faith and a more compassionate mindset. This can be a good time for creative artists and poets to explore a variety of ideas associated with big shifts in thoughts and feelings.

Most people don’t think of Mercury Retrograde as positive because of all the mishaps, issues and errors that can arise during this period. But, the positive side of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is that we are encouraged to clear our minds of debris that has built up over time, especially all the things that block us from experiencing the world from a more spiritually conscious perspective.

When Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces it indicates looking back into our past to avoid repeating mistakes. This is an important time to cleanse your mind of junk and negative thoughts that have built up over time, like regrets, sorrow, past words exchanged between you and another, and clear the karmic baggage that has been weighing on you and that you want to let go and surrender. Some may find this period emphasizes the need to practice forgiveness and asking for forgiveness to release the past and become lighter and more spiritually centered.

As Pisces is associated with endings and the afterlife, with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces now we can expect to have more sentimental thoughts about people in our lives, the meaning of life, spirituality, philosophy and religious thoughts.

If you feel like you are out of tune with your spirit or can not find any meaning or higher purpose in your life, this period can be challenging but hopefully enlightening once completed. With all the complexities of emotion and thought during this period, some may reject faith, while others will return to faith and prayer to access higher wisdom. I talk more about this in the self reflection section below.


With the Coronavirus on everyone’s mind, more of us will inevitably be thinking more deeply about what we are doing here in the world with our temporary lives and the time we have. This is a time to ponder deep, spiritual questions. As anxieties can increase at this time, self care and meditation are recommended.

Pisces represents what is hidden and beyond our perceptions, which germs and viruses certainly would fall under. Mercury is also ruler of Pisces’ opposite sign, Virgo, which is very much about health routines, hygiene and cleanliness. With Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, we could see obsessive compulsive tendencies to increase as people think more about hygienic practices.

Mercury in Pisces is not considered to be the most positive placement and is considered to be weakened, in detriment and fall in Pisces.

Mercury is all logic, while watery Pisces is geared toward feelings and imagination, so there can be a conflict between what makes sense and what is actually real or not.

Pisces is more about spiritual thought, imagination, visualization and broad, profound, philosophical concepts, higher wisdom, fantasy and beliefs which can be irrational and illogical. Whereas Mercury is rationality, information exchange, common sense, gossip, small details and tends to be more superficial, only looking at the immediate, surface of things.

We can expect to see a lot of issues that revolve around a lack of emotional intelligence during this period as people’s minds and emotions are conflicted.

The big types of question with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces are, “Is this really true? Do I really believe this?”

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces can indicate an increase in confusion, perplexity and doubts. Trust in what to believe can be difficult at this time especially with so many different, conflicting perspectives being presented.

Interpretations can be totally off with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. What one person says, another could think or believe means something very different. Your words, tone of voice and attitude could be easily misinterpreted, so extra effort to be clear is recommended. It can take longer to explain things to people, and they still may not believe it or understand the point.

Mercury symbolizes exchanges of information and therefore is associated with the media. Conflicting information leads to confusion. A lack of context and intentionally omitted information can strongly influence what people believe, so do be careful of getting caught up in those intentionally misleading headlines now.

The benefit of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is that an increased sense of doubt and lack of trust encourages more people to question the hidden motives of the messenger. The news media is likely to be under a lot of scrutiny and mistrust during this period.

Mercury Retrograde is known as The Trickster and in Pisces, this influence could seem like The Trickster on steroids. Delusions and illusions are hard hitting and people with an agenda might stop at nothing to create deceitful perceptions to get what they want.

We are going to see a lot of disagreements and debates about what people believe to be true while Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces. Changing history and what people believed about the past is also likely on the agenda. What is actually true and how information is intentionally manipulated to create illusionary ideas that influences what people think and believe about reality is up for debate now. Brainwashing is certainly a topic of consideration during this period. Whether it is faith, religious or spiritual beliefs, or political ideologies, we can expect to see that there are more than two sides to every story. Can we believe the information presented?


Speaking of faith and beliefs, we could see talk of false prophets now and we could also see news of religious leaders putting their foot in their mouth, saying something strange or controversial, accidentally revealing information, or even be investigated while Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces. We could also see curious talks about cults and ancient mysteries.

This is a time to put in extra effort to not let marketers, advertisers, promoters of ideas to sell you an idea, or brainwash you into accepting what they want you to think. With fact and fantasy at odds, we could see more talk about propaganda style ideologies in the media floating around influencing our collective consciousness.

Those with clout in the field of media communications are likely to work overtime to distract and deceive according to their biases. Blindly trusting what you hear, especially when it is based on opinion, beliefs and hearsay, is not recommended. As Judge Judy says, “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true.”

As we can expect many trust issues to come up while Mercury is Retrograde here, skeptical and inquiring thinkers could actually find this period to be useful as there can be an increased interest in rooting out deception, delusions, secrets and lies. This could be prime time to dig deep into the abyss to discover the truth and reveal the source of hidden secrets and lies. Though naive types can be more easily swayed and could have the wool easily pulled over their eyes during this period, the skeptical types can see through deceptions much more easily to negate them.

Since Saturn and Pluto are a huge influence in Capricorn now influencing all of our lives, we could certainly see more questions about authority figures, as curious Mercury dives deep to find the truth among the secrets. Trust of information from authorities is likely to be decreased at this time, even more than usual, just the same as heightened mistrust in the media is to be expected. We can expect liars to be outed, lose credibility or have to face the music during this period. We are likely to see a lot more corruption to be exposed this year regarding those in high positions in society, and Mercury Retrograde will bring in lots of conflicting perspectives now. Jupiter is also the ancient ruler of Pisces and in Capricorn brings greater emphasis to politics and media. Big talk can influence the perception of legacies.

Here is a universal truth: Lies can never survive questioning. Eventually the lie will fall apart.

Then there is this: Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it is the truth.

Mercury is also associated with money, numbers, time and exchanges. We could see curious insights into how the financial system operates and how numbers are manipulated in deceptive ways. Trust in the stock market is likely to be decreased during this period and we are likely to hear mixed talk in the media about the financial world. We may also see bankers, financial institutions and methods of money management investigated at this time.

The realization that we don’t really know much of anything at all in the grand scheme of things can lead to revelations once Mercury goes direct in a few weeks. Our minds are like computers and what people believe and repeat is based on the information we are exposed to. It is wise to admit that there are always people and special interests working overtime to manipulate information and alter perceptions of reality according to their own hidden motives and biases, so do be attentive to where you are getting your information.

By seeing through people’s secretive, deceptive and dishonest behavior, we can release those negative influences from our lives and move toward wisdom, higher consciousness, truth and honesty again after Mercury is finished the Retrograde cycle.


Self Reflection

Mercury is about thinking processes. Where Mercury goes, the mind goes. Mercury Retrograde does suggest a greater focus on internalized thinking and can be a great time to do research and ask deeper, probing philosophical questions about the meaning of life, that you may not usually think about.

Dreams can also become much more profound and deep with symbolism but may not make sense and could be difficult to interpret.

As Pisces is associated with spirituality and religious beliefs, and there can be many conflicting thoughts and perspectives now, people could feel an increase in doubts about what they believe. The mind and emotions change from moment to moment and a lack of trust and faith in humanity can possibly lead to discouragement. Depending on the individuals circumstances, some could lose confidence in religious and spiritual beliefs and have a loss of faith, but others that feel lost and lacking faith could find Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is a most appropriate time to get reconnected and dive much deeper into their personal spiritual side.

You can expect information from the past can come up again for review while Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces. People from your past may come back into your life or try to reconnect. This can be a good time to look through old photo albums together and reminisce about life back in the day.

Because Mercury Retrograde in Pisces can lead to such polarities of viewpoints about what’s going on in our world some may choose to turn off the TV all together or just watch old reruns and retro television as a way to escape the mess of current issues. Some will choose to step away from social media for a break as a method of self preservation of the mind.

The way the mind works with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces could be thought of like waking up from a dream. You could have a fascinating revelation in your dream state, but then when you wake up it slowly fades away like clouds quickly becoming hidden from you consciousness, like a secret mysteriously vanishing again. Though you try to hold onto the thought, the harder you grasp the more it fades. Pisces signifies a secretive, hidden quality and does not easily reveal what is hidden. One thought can lead to another and another, seemingly like you’re in a labyrinth or diving into a rabbit hole. You may go around in circles, get lost in thought, and get confused by conflicting information, but heightened curiosity to wade through the water and find true information can unveil a lot during the process. So, when you do have a thought that is like a revelation or an aha moment, write it down right away. Don’t assume you will remember it later. Writing down your thoughts without hesitation is recommended to help you not forget important revelations.

People could have more emotional swings now. With a lack of clarity, a lot of people could feel lost, so do be compassionate when possible and understanding that others may also not thinking or feeling clear.

This can be a good time to get real about addictions. Whether you are addicted to altering your perception of reality with drugs and alcohol, or the virtual world of the internet, social media or video games, Mercury Retrograde is likely to make you more aware of how the fantasy world of your addiction interferes with your real life.

As Pisces is a sign of karma, this is a good time to rethink the reality you have been creating and what to stop doing so you can make a positive karmic change.

Events during this time could bring a greater understanding to the importance of how compassion is an important part of life. Suffering people and animals in need of help could lead to sadness, shedding tears, pull at your heartstrings and awaken your heart and soul. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces can bring a return to innocence.


Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

During this Retrograde cycle, Mercury will also enter back into Aquarius for a couple of weeks between March 4 and March 16, 2020.

  • Mercury Retrograde enters back into Aquarius on March 4, 2020 at 6:14 am ET.
  • Mercury then stations Direct in Aquarius on March 9, 2019 at 11:49 pm ET.
  • Mercury going Direct in Aquarius will then enter Pisces again on March 16, 2020 at 3:39 am ET. 

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Mercury Direct in Pisces

Mercury leaves Aquarius after a couple of weeks while direct, entering Pisces again on March 16th.

When Mercury is direct in Pisces we could find clarity arises from all the mixed messages that bubbled up to the surface during Mercury Retrograde. Awareness of lies and deceit, manipulation, misinformation and miscommunications is likely to be brought into consciousness so higher truth can be recognized. The desire for real truth rises as delusions become more apparent and obvious while Mercury has been Retrograde. Wisdom and higher consciousness should be prioritized as Mercury gets ready to head forward.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces on April 3, 2020 at 9:13 pm ET, then finish in Pisces on April 11, 2020 at 11:47 am ET.

This is a good time to reset your karma and look toward more philosophical concepts to tune into your higher intelligence and wisdom. This Mercury Retrograde in Pisces period can profoundly transform your mind and soul.