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Mars enters Scorpio October 30, 2021 It Is Going To Get Hot

Mars officially enters Scorpio on October 30, 2021 at 10:20 am ET following the Sun which entered Scorpio on October 23, 2021.

Mars will be in Scorpio until December 13, 2021.

Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio so is right at home having his most heightened potency here. 

Mars also rules Aries, but in Aries is more about initiating, active, enthusiastic energy, sport and the ego identity one projects. In Scorpio, Mars is more about your internal fire, the psychological roots of your energy, desires and feelings that ultimately lead to your motivations, behavior and actions in the world.

Having both Mars and the Sun in Scorpio will bring forward a lot of awareness of what is hidden below the surface. We could see investigations of crimes and corruption get a lot more active during this period digging deep down to the dirty underbelly to discover the truth.

Mars in Scorpio can be pretty intense where secrets are revealed, especially by people’s actions and subjects of sexual desires and activities hidden behind the scenes can get more attention. We could hear of rape and sexual abuse during this period.

You may recall when Jupiter was in Scorpio a few years ago. Just as Jupiter entered Scorpio that’s when criminal, sexual perversions in Hollywood and the media got major attention.

Mars in Scorpio is highly potent and can feel intense and fierce! Mars is the male archetypal energy, the warrior and athlete, all about action and drive, while Scorpio is about emotions, subconscious, instincts, curiosity, psychology and digging deep down below the surface to find the real, raw truth. Mars in Scorpio can be a highly transformational period.

As a fiery planet, Mars in watery Scorpio can manifest as dramatic emotional behavior, anxiety disorders, stress and tension that can reach a boiling point and erupt from within. Actions and reactions can be quick, instinctive and obsessive. Here we can see anger and aggressive personalities and emotions that get triggered quickly. Those that want the truth just might fight hard for it.

Mars will be connecting with Saturn in Aquarius on November 11, 2021 which can indicate a power struggle with political and corporate authority, especially over restrictions, and social restrictions by tech giants.

Mars in Scorpio will officially be in opposition to Uranus in Taurus on November 17, 2021 adding to the intensity of battles around finances and financial security, as well as food and supplies.


Mars in Scorpio will connect with Pluto in Capricorn on December 6, 2021 indicating a period of great intensity with power struggles over finance, corporate power and political issues.

Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and Pluto is considered the higher octave of Mars and is intense and destructive in causing significant transformation especially in the powerful realms of politics, corporate business and finance. Evidence could be uncovered merely through observation of how those in leadership positions are abusive toward people.

This is a period where you may become more aware of how abuse, in all its various manifestations, may be demonstrated in the world. Whether it is negative perceptions and attitudes toward yourself and others, or where you may see physical abuse of animals and people happening in the world, verbal and psychological abuse, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, violence, rage… demonstration of any type of abusive force can move you deeply and emotionally during this period.

Con artists and manipulators, especially those in powerful positions are likely to use their strong will to achieve their desires of corruption. 

With direct and impatient Mars, the warrior, in Scorpio, we are likely to see strong disdain for those in positions of authority additionally with Pluto in Capricorn. Strong feelings and anger toward corrupt people in powerful positions could lead to some very loud actions, possibly violent protests.

Suspicions of intentions of authority figures climbing through the hierarchy of power can lead to battles, and a stronger push for investigations on opponents. With their desire for power con artists could use everything in their power to get what they want. Shows like Rome and Spartacus that take an inside look at the scheming strategies behind the scenes of those in power is very much aligned with Mars in Scorpio.  

As co-rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto both always have a strong connection to Scorpio wherever they are.  

With Pluto’s association to Scorpio you may also be interested in reading about the Pluto Return of the United States of America coming up in February 2022 since 1776!


Power, domination, sexuality and sex drive is emphasized when Mars is in Scorpio. Here, Mars is the conqueror. 

As Scorpio relates to what is hidden, the occult, Mars here can represent an increase in suspicious behavior, hidden agendas, crime and violence.

Machinery is governed by Mars, and so guns and military power could be in focus. It was quite interesting timing that Alec Baldwin’s gun situation happened when Mars was in a challenging position to Pluto.

As liquid Scorpio, and the fire of Mars, these two together can symbolize poison – literally as in what we’d see used in a Shakespearean tragedy, or metaphorically as in poisonous emotions. The poisonous venom of a snake’s bite and the sting of a scorpion are highly symbolic of Mars in Scorpio.

Since emotions can be quite heightened with Scorpio in focus, especially the types that can get our blood boiling like jealousy and envy, we can expect to see some emotional overreactions and impulsive behavior increase when Mars is in Scorpio. Betrayal is not taken lightly at this time!

Road rage is a common characteristic to watch out for with Mars in Scorpio. With psychological implications, issues of drug abuse is also of strong consideration. 

As Scorpio is very much about what is hidden, subconscious and behind the scenes, we may not be aware of all that is happening deep below the surface. Anger that brews can lead to passive aggressive behavior. With Scorpio’s tendency to internalize, keep things hidden and bottle things up, this can lead to increased blood pressure and stress where adrenal fatigue and increased cortisol levels can become an issue. 

If you feel you have pent up energy, Mars is the athlete, so exercise can help expend much of that energy in positive and productive ways for your well being. 

The sex drive can be excessive with Mars in Scorpio. The allure of sexuality can lead many to succumb to strong temptations and obsessions.

Those who are a bit sluggish in the bedroom will likely be interested in trying nutritional measures, foods and supplements to improve performance and libido. Those with inhibitions are likely to lean toward alcohol or other substances.

The positive aspect of Mars in Scorpio is a strong determination to reach goals and to create strategies that win. Practices in martial arts that tap into the fiery energy of Mars can be empowering.

Venus in Scorpio November 21, 2020

Venus enters Scorpio on November 21, 2020 at 8:21 am ET. 

We also recently had the New Moon in Scorpio on November 15, 2020, along with Mercury direct in Scorpio now as well.

Venus in Scorpio is not a most favorable placement. With soft, gentle Venus in hard hitting Scorpio, Venus is considered to be in detriment here.

Venus corresponds more to our personal feelings and experiences rather broader, worldly events. Venus always loves beauty and her sense of style changes according to the signs she is in as the seasons change, of course. Darker colors with a more smokey, alluring beauty bring out a more seductive attraction. Feminine styles that are more mysterious, seductive nightwear and sexy underwear are more in tune with Venus in Scorpio.

A more raw quality is associated with Venus in Scorpio, rather than a prim, proper and reserved display like we would associate with Virgo. With Scorpio ruled by Mars, sexuality can become more dominating and agressive with Venus in Scorpio instead of the softer, more charming and romantic nature we usually consider with Venus.

As Scorpio rules rebirth, regeneration and transformation you may be interested in changing up your style. Dressing in a manner that represents your deeper, inner world of feelings is common with Venus in Scorpio. Some will feel the desire to shed old wardrobe to try something different.

We may also see what people really look like when not hiding behind makeup. This is when we are more curious about what’s behind the mask and any coverup. Who is that?


Nude art and material of a pornographic nature is highlighted with Venus in Scorpio as well as darker, gothic styled themes in artistic expression.

Venus in Scorpio can indicate the tendency for jealousy in relationships, and can enhance a highly possessive quality. The desire for control and to have things the way you want it is indicated with Venus in Scorpio. Venus wants a strong commitment here and could be overbearing and dominating. Venus can also feel empowered to make the first move in courting a relationship or making advances when Venus in in Scorpio, rather than being more passive.

Subconscious urges and temptations are also enhanced here with a potential for sabotaging behavior. Secrets, affairs, infidelity, scandals and illicit unions are also indicated with Venus in Scorpio. Excessive indulgence in pleasure is possible, to the point of fetish. Stripping and prostitution is also an overt demonstration of Venus in Scorpio.

Relationship issues of all types can lead to great emotional and personal transformation with Venus in Scorpio. Divorce and separation is also shown here, especially where financial issues arise. There is a potential here for power games. A tendency to lean toward prenuptial agreements is indicated for unions at this time. Manipulative types with an obsession with money can lure in a significant other and take advantage of their finances.

Funny enough, I am reminded of a Golden Girls episode where Dorothy is figuring out the details at a murder mystery dinner and reminds everyone that, “When a 22 year old marries an 88 year old, chances are she’s not after his body.”

In many cases an obsession with beauty flaws are possible to the point of frustration, but the higher potential of Venus in Scorpio is to access the depths of your psychology and overcome shame and embarrassment of your body and your sexuality.

Understanding the value of money and realizing how to work with debt is also indicated with Venus in Scorpio. An attraction to gold and material possessions of great monetary value, and an interest in cryptocurrency are likely.

Venus will be in Scorpio until December 15, 2020 at 11:20 am ET.

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New Moon in Scorpio November 15, 2020

It’s officially a New Moon in Scorpio on November 15, 2020 at 12:09 am ET. 

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In your personal life, this New Moon in Scorpio can indicate a new interest in seeking the truth and know what’s really going on below the surface. The Moon is highly intuitive and so is Scorpio, and now that Mercury is Direct in Scorpio we can expect to be able to see things more clearly going forward, especially regarding matters that came up in October when Mercury was Retrograde in Scorpio.

The Moon and Scorpio are both associated with the water element, so there is an intuitive quality at this time where you instincts and intellect could increase over the next couple of weeks, also increased further now with Mercury in Scorpio.

Psychic qualities are also associated with a Moon in Scorpio and you may have more dreams than usual. It’s a good time to get plenty of rest and tap into dream world, to meditate and visualize. Discovering and interpreting what symbols in your dreams mean can give you clues about which direction you’re heading as this New Moon in Scorpio grows over the next couple of weeks.

An interest in esoteric subjects, fantasies and creativity are denoted with a New Moon in Scorpio. If you’re a creator in any capacity this is the time to stay up late and access your creative genius. Artists will find hidden meaning and symbolism fascinating. The phoenix rising from the ashes is an appropriate archetypal symbol of change and new growth worth contemplation now.

It would be wise to pay more attention to synchronicities that come up for you in the next couple of weeks and try to interpret them. You could especially notice repeating patterns in numbers during this period.


In general, the Moon in Scorpio is not considered the best placement as the Moon is considered to be in Fall in Scorpio, so it isn’t considered to be as influential. Though a New Moon in Scorpio signifies less emotional volatility than a Full Moon in Scorpio would, a New Moon in Scorpio can still indicate an increased emphasis on our emotional side, especially our hidden, deep rooted feelings that can lead to our behaviors.

The Moon in Scorpio can bring forward deep rooted feelings like jealousy, anger, and possessiveness so do be attentive to how these types of feelings are manifesting in your life and what they are associated with for you personally. Admitting you may have negative feelings is the first step to dealing with them so you can work through them, learn what they have to teach you, and then transcend them.

This New Moon in Scorpio along with Mercury in Scorpio now, reminds us to bring more awareness of how our thoughts and feelings are influencing the reality we create. Thoughts and feelings are the root of our actions and reactions.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto.

With Mars (co-ruler of Scorpio) now Direct in Aries since November 13, 2020 this New Moon in Scorpio indicates you are likely to be more interested in taking action to get going in a new direction. Mars direct can also bring out a competitive edge and a desire to win making people a bit more aggressive and assertive.

Mars has been in Aries since June 27, 2020. As we’ve seen with Mars Retrograde in Aries many people have been feeling highly defensive of their identities leading to strong reactions and behavior. Identity politics has certainly be emphasized with Mars in Aries, especially in difficult position with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn there has been strong tension between authority figures and individuals. Mars will be in Aries until January 6, 2021 and between now and then, more people will realize that a need for practicing emotional-intelligence is necessary during this period to quell aggressive behavior.

This New Moon in Scorpio is in positive aspect to Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn indicating that what is revealed and occurring in the middle of this month especially in terms of business and politics, will influence our new directions heading forward. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio indicating great emphasis on power moves, especially those going on behind the scenes. Perhaps it’s time for a great purge of corruption.

As Scorpio is a cryptic sign, and Mercury likes to talk, do expect that more information and attention on what goes on behind the scenes will come up. We can expect conspiratorial topics to develop during this period, and of course some could be true even with so many details unknown.

The New Moon in Scorpio indicates an emphasis on finding out the hidden truth. Less of us will be willing to put up with contradictions, corruption and hidden information, particularly in politics, business and financial concerns.

Behind the scenes behavior and actions can become much more obvious over the coming weeks, and can reveal what people are really like. As your inner sleuth wakes up, it becomes much easier to see the hidden motivations of others now.

As Scorpio is about what is hidden, contemplation on the symbolism of masks and how they are a part of our reality now, could bring out interesting insights.


Overall, the New Moon in Scorpio is a time to purge out negativity from your life so you can begin fresh and new.

Scorpio is associated with rebirth, regeneration and transformation. You can think of a New Moon in Scorpio as shedding old skin and starting fresh. The snake is one of the associated symbols of Scorpio, along with the eagle and scorpion of course.

As death is also associated with Scorpio, some could find this a suitable time to finally get to drawing up a will, also quite fitting while Mercury is Direct in Scorpio now as well. Money matters of all types like debt, loans, taxes, wills and estates are worth more attention now. Learning more about cryptocurrencies and changes in the economy is also suggested.

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