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Tarot: What is the TFC bringing into focus in February 2022?

A few days ago, I wanted to pull just a single card from the tarot about the TFC and leave it at that for now, and wouldn’t you know I got the Justice card.

Doesn’t that say it all. The Justice system will be in the spotlight. We’ll see how justice plays out this month and it already looks like a lot of people are waking up to seeing how much injustice is taking place that requires real justice to set things right.

Justice requires truth to bring balance and revealing the truth is the core of what’s happening.

The sword represents the mind and decision making and the scales are associated with the measure of all things in truth. Scales are also associated with money and the measure of commodities, goods, food and supplies. This is fitting to be happening at this time as we just had The Destiny Point enter Taurus on January 18, 2022.

What’s also interesting is that we have Uranus the ruler of Aquarius, also in Taurus now, and Saturn is in Aquarius. We are likely to see a lot more focus on the connections between big tech, authority figures, politics and big business as well as charity and non-profit organizations.

The Justice card is ruled by Libra indicating the need for balance and harmony in relationships, and also reminds us to be conscious of biases. We could see a lot of legal issues come up this month in how things are being dealt with, and rights being a strong topic.

Venus is the ruler of Libra, and Venus is currently in Capricorn, the sign of politics, and big business. With Venus, the goddess of love, indicated now it reminds us of the bonds of relationships we have with one another and coming together.

The Truth Will Set You Free.

How interesting this card was the one that arose when this situation is centered around someone with a name that starts with J-u-s-t-i….

Tarot: What is the US Role in What is Happening?

Here is an interesting combination from the Zombie Tarot…

We can see right away that the center card is Temperance, and in this deck it is symbolized by a vaccine at the very core of all this. How interesting!

On the left of center we have people in battle, disagreeing over what they think and fighting for power with the 5 of Swords. To the right we have someone hiding, isolated, to find solace and comfort with the 9 of Cups. How appropriate.

At the bottom left we have the Page of Hazards (pentacles, coins), information is manifesting reality, with the Eight of Swords and the King of Wands indicating there is a strong will by authority that is sending out a message of material control which is restricting people’s minds / perspective.

At the top, the results and culmination of what is being done, we have the King of Hazards, 5 of Cups and the World. The leadership/authority in control over the material world is leading to a lot of sadness and hardship.

So what does the core issue at the center, the mixing Temperance represents lead to? Below we see the foundation is that information is closed off. To the left we see strong disagreements and battles. To the right we see the promise of safety and comfort, but the result above reveals it ultimately leads to loss, emotional sadness and grief.

This spread also connects with last year’s spread from the Autumn of 2020, before Halloween also using the Zombie Tarot on the same subject – What’s Chn’s role in what’s going on? That spread started with the World appearing to be destroyed as well, so we are seeing there is a very strong connection between these two and Saturn represents structure, planning, limitations, rules, manifestation and achievement of goals.

The World is ruled by Saturn in the tarot, and Saturn is currently in Aquarius and has been since the start of all this. Also note the bust on the cube in the King of Hazards which can indicate authority of Saturn.

The imagery of this spread associated with what’s going on is worth pondering further…

Tarot: What is Chns Role In What is Going On?

Back in late September I was using The Zombie Tarot for the October 2020 Monthly TarotScopes. Out of curiosity, and considering everything that has been going on this past year, I decided to ask about Ch*n’s role in all things associated with the V-situation. I just thought I’d share… Here is what came up. 

What About Ch*’s Role In All That’s Going On? 

Well isn’t that an interesting and fitting interpretation for this question?

And as usual, the tarot pulled up the most coincidental, fitting, synchronistic cards. The imagery of these cards speak for themselves.

With ongoing developments in world affairs, I still keep remembering this spread.

And to think, with Pluto in Capricorn reaching a tipping point, signifying destruction and transformation of political society, and so many signs pointing to tyrannical domination worldwide with such megalomaniac forces in power.

And now just in time for Mercury Retrograde in Gemini information has finally been revealed about the V being made in a biolab in Ch and Fauci involved with funding the research into gain of function. It’s about time, I’ve been waiting for the truth to come out about this for over a year!

This is the first time I have seen a deck show The World card as being on fire / being destroyed. I thought it was quite the coincidence for such imagery to come up for this particular question. Of course this deck being Zombie themed has quite the catastrophic artwork, but that’s pretty fitting for the times. And these being all Major Arcana cards it points to this being a big deal.

Also, I thought it was interesting for 2021 to look at the final two cards in the Major Arcana:

Card 20 Judgment and Card 21 The World.

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