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Sun in Virgo August to September 2020

The Sun officially enters Virgo on August 22, 2020 at 11:44 am ET.

The Sun is in Virgo until September 22, 2020 at 9:30 am ET. 

Virgo is one of my favorite signs because it is so much about being productive and getting your life in order. I think everyone can benefit from the Sun in Virgo.

Timing is essential with the Sun in Virgo. Schedules that are designed so that you make progress and reach practical goals and achievements are highly recommended.

Procrastinators and worriers can feel a bit stressed during this time as reality kicks in and says, “Okay, it’s time for you to pay attention to the details and get it together before it’s too late.”

The Sun in Virgo can inspire the much needed encouragement to just go ahead and do what needs to be done for your overall betterment. Doing is often the key to shift your mind from anxiety about the future toward a sense of accomplishment.

A lot of people feel inadequate, and like they don’t measure up, or that they aren’t living up to their potential, and the Sun in Virgo can emphasize this type of thinking. The Sun looks at the truth, and Virgo can be quite critical so you could find yourself getting real about some of the lower qualities of your lifestyle and where it needs to lighten up.

Learning and making improvements is key to taking yourself up a level so that you feel better about the path you are treading. Studying subjects of interest and getting yourself to feel more professional and qualified is highly recommended. Interestingly enough, school, college and university semesters start when the Sun is in Virgo.

The Sun in Virgo is also great for getting your business in order. Of course workaholics can certainly overdo it but this is an excellent time for creating processes that are more efficient and organized so you really don’t have to overdo it.

Getting more focused on the data and details that matter to success is greatly attuned to the Sun in Virgo. Becoming more aware of accounting processes, business planning, financial planning and forecasts are highly recommended during this period.

This is a good time to focus on your finances in all areas of your life in personal terms and in business. Perhaps you want to open a new bank account, a business account, or create a debt payment plan, or even a retirement plan.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo which denotes this is a great time to look at the finer details of all things money, finance and trade oriented, so have a smart look at your options for investing and saving to ensure a better financial picture for your life now and into the future. This is also a time to consider the benefits of mutual agreements.

Mercury also in Virgo, is fast paced, so with the Sun in Virgo expect making progress in whatever you are learning and doing to move you quickly onto the next opportunity. Each step will build on the previous, so planning is highly recommended. Talk out your ideas with another and brilliance will be inevitable.

This is also the time to take care of your health, wellness and nutrition and set your life up with such beneficial daily routines. Counting calories can be a bit too much for some, but there is magic in such formulaic processes. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, it really is a numbers game. Get the right amount of nutrients for your goals, and your body will most usually reflect your efforts right on schedule. Doctors, nurses, nutritionists and health care practitioners, especially those in a clinical setting, are well aligned with the Sun in Virgo.

The Sun is also a great disinfectant and a good dose of vitamin D is great for your immune system.

The Sun loves success, so take this time to get yourself in order. A critical streak could come up as you make honest assessments about what needs improving, but keeping yourself positive and moving forward toward your goals can make you feel awesome and rewarded for your efforts to accomplish greatness.

Mercury in Virgo August to September, 2020

Mercury enters Virgo on August 19, 2020 at 9:29 pm ET.

Fast moving Mercury will be in Virgo only until September 5, 2020 at 3:46 pm ET.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and right at home, combining the power of the mind with earthly matters. There is a practicality to Mercury in Virgo, so put your thinking cap on and figure out methods and approaches to getting things done. Mercury in Virgo asks, “How can I take this idea and turn it into practical results?”

This is the time to make an executive decision about your life. If you aren’t living the life you actually want, you need to make a decision to change it. Earth signs are about what’s real, and the reality you are living. Money is a major factor of consideration with earth signs. So if you’ve been doing something that isn’t giving you the financial rewards you want, you’ve got to decide what you’re going to do to change that.

There is a tendency to be overly analytical when Mercury is in Virgo. Overthinking can induce stress. A critical, and argumentative streak can ensue especially when discussing differences of opinion. Petty details of life can get more attention than they need which can take you away from more important matters. A tendency to be impatient with others that don’t understand things as quickly as you’d like is certainly possible. With such a critical eye, the ability to criticize someone where it hurts most is easy when Mercury is in Virgo. Though sometimes highly useful, constructive criticism is not what people want to hear all the time.

Mercury can jump to snap judgments and opinions quickly especially on first impressions. It is also easy to be self critical with Mercury in Virgo, which can lead to an inferiority complex. This is especially true in the workplace during this period.

Mercury in Virgo is good at using abilities to collect information and do research to find out the best options. This is useful in taking care of health and learning about the facts and figures of nutrition. Mercury in Virgo is a great time to create smarter, healthier daily routines.

This is also a great time to read and write, and to access information that stimulates and encourages your neuro linguistic patterns with positive pathways.

Organizing your emails, files and paperwork so you have everything in order and easy to access is recommended now.

As an earth sign, Virgo complements Mercury with an interest in collectibles. Categorizing and putting things in order is a pleasant pastime with this configuration. Making a garden orderly or preparing meals that look well thought out can bring a lot of satisfaction.

There can be emotional detachment with Mercury in Virgo, as data, facts and real information are prioritized over the subjective perceptions feelings can bring. Those who talk a lot about how they feel as their reasoning for decisions can easily irritate those that want concrete logic to make sense of the world.

Mercury in Virgo can be quite controlling, with a perfectionist perspective wanting everything to be just right, on schedule and orderly.

Cleanliness can be on people’s minds more than usual during this period, and an addiction to hand sanitizer can be commonplace.

Full Moon in Virgo March 9, 2020

Full Moon in Virgo March 9, 2020 at 1:48 pm ET.

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When we have a Full Moon in Virgo, it is always when the Sun is in Pisces. We are moving from the New Moon in Pisces and entering into the Full Moon of Virgo. Astrology reminds us of oppositions and duality, and how life operates on a spectrum.

Virgo is very analytical and practical, whereas Pisces is very spiritual, philosophical and dreamy. We could think of it in terms of using music as an example. Virgo would be about learning how to read musical notes and analyzing the structure of a song, whereas Pisces would be about feeling the music and going with the flow of how the vibrations affect your mood. Virgo would be about learning the methodical steps of a dance routine to get it perfectly timed to the beat, whereas Pisces would be just moving to the rhythm and flow of the melody and vibrations in any way that feels right in the moment.

I love Virgo energy because it is all about productivity and getting things in order in your life. Scheduling and using your time intelligently is best now. It’s a good idea to work towards something in a practical, methodical way as we head towards this Full Moon so you have something completed by the time it arrives. This is the time to make something grow, put in the effort and make it happen.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, and Mercury is now Retrograde in Pisces with the Sun. Use your ability to visualize and dream up awesome ideas that can head you in the right direction toward producing something meaningful for the Full Moon.

Virgo is like the number crunching accountant, and likes to be responsible, measured and accountable for how life is working out.

This is a great time to do self assessment of your accomplishments and to look at your goals. Have you been doing the necessary work to accomplish the results you want? With Mercury Retrograde now, it’s a good time to ask yourself if there are there any goals you may want to rethink and reconsider.

This is a great time to assess your daily habits. Perhaps some of the things you do regularly, or every day, are taking up more of your time than you’d really like them to. Maybe you want to create a shift to your routines so you can manifest a different lifestyle. This is an excellent time for procrastinators to get real and admit where time has been wasted and recognize what is holding you back from making practical gains toward your goals.

A Full Moon in Virgo is the opportune time make real, practical efforts toward manifesting something tangible in reality. This is the time to change up your routine and let go of some of the things you have been doing for a while so you can make room for different opportunities.

Virgo is very health oriented, emphasizes the importance of self care and more of us could be hypersensitive to our health concerns now. Virgo is geared toward being very precise about health matters, including nutrition facts and counting calories. Virgo reminds us that You Are What You Eat. Virgo likes cleanliness and because Virgo is strongly geared toward precision and accountability, can actually have anxiety or be obsessive compulsive to the point of being a germaphobe. Virgos are very sensitive to hygiene practices and are more likely to carry around hand sanitizer than other signs.

Because we are in flu season, and we are now contending with the potential spread of coronavirus (I wrote an article on that about boosting your immune system here), it is wise to learn how to take practical steps to be more preventative and prepared.

Also in terms of habits, this is the time to consider your unconscious habits. Especially considering cold and flu season, how often do you touch surfaces and then touch your face? What surfaces are you touching with your hands, and then touching other surfaces which may transfer germs. It is interesting to see how health authorities advise people to be conscious of their habits, while they themselves exhibit those same habits, putting into consideration just how unconscious our habits really can be. It is also interesting that hands and mouths are in focus considering Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, and Mercury rules the hands and communication devices – which of course includes our mouths.

Whereas Pisces would be more about holistic health on a more spiritual energetic level, like Reiki and energy work, hypnosis, Virgo is more practical such as the a nurse that focuses on the step by step procedures that are organized and timed according to scientifically proven objectives.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, and Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces leading up to this Full Moon in Virgo. Mercury is also going to slip back into Aquarius a few days before this Full Moon arrives. This indicates that we really don’t have all the information, we don’t really know all the details and there is a lot of mixed information, even potentially skewed information about what this Coronavirus is all about. With a Full Moon in Virgo, it is best to err on the side of caution and to be preventative and smart about how you are approaching health concerns by taking precautions in advance. It also indicates the importance of being conscious of how your habits influence your future.

We also need to take into consideration that this Full Moon is also opposite Neptune in Pisces with the Sun, which further adds to the potential of wishy washy information that doesn’t make logical sense, and numbers that may not add up at this time. As I mentioned in the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Horoscope, as Judge Judy says, “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true.”

Remember Virgo is the virgin, which represents being cautious and intentionally holding yourself back from exposing yourself to potential situations you may not want and using your logical mind to make decisions for yourself instead of just letting things happen. Whereas Pisces, would be getting drunk where you are not thinking so much about about the potential consequences or just flat out ignoring them, because you are just going with the flow of your feelings in the moment. Virgo is about being prepared in advance and doing your best to stop things from getting out of hand by creating decisive order to your life.

Yes, Virgo does tend to worry a bit too much sometimes, however, that can be beneficial by getting things in order for your best chances of acquiring the outcome you desire.

A Full Moon in Virgo reminds us to take care of the details, to take care of our bodies and health so we are prepared to minimize risks and optimize best practical results.

Mercury will station direct in Aquarius about 9 hours after this Full Moon arrives on March 9, 2020 at 10:49 pm ET.